5,000 Euro Loan, Requirements and Interest Rates

5,000 Euro Loan, Requirements and Interest Rates

How can we get a € 5,000 loan? What are the best options for getting the loan?

Let’s see it together in this guide on how to get this sum on loan to make some small purchases or to solve some problems in the family.

How to get a loan?


If you need to request a small loan of 5,000 euros, allows you to have money quickly and without following a process that is too complex. The first thing to do is to request a quote.

Allows the customer to choose different options and to request a quote either online or by going to a branch to talk to a representative. On the site, you can find different examples of quotations, but we give you advice.

Going to the branch allows you to clarify your doubts and choose the best loan option. Allows you to have personal loans quickly and that you can repay with a variable number of installments. The applicant can decide together with the affiliate in how many installments to repay the loan requested.

The monthly installment can be calculated directly on the official website. Just fill out the form on the site to get all the information you need to understand how to manage the installments.

To know the installment, simply enter the amount and the number of months in which the loan is to be repaid. Tan and Taeg interest rates can also be read in the quote .

The estimate can also be requested directly at the branch, just make an appointment using the website, entering the branch selected and the time

Findomestic also allows you to take out insurance, against payment, which allows you to protect your loan in case of unforeseen circumstances. Requesting detailed information from a person in charge, even in this case, is always advisable.

The necessary guarantees for the 5000 euro loan

euro loan

Whatever the type of loan requested, you must always provide guarantees to the institution or the bank. The guarantees to be provided are valid both for those who have a pay slip and for those who cannot provide it.

They are the same even for those on the bad payer list or for those who have been protested. Here are the guarantees to request the loan:

  • The payslip : it allows you to get a loan quickly, being a very solid guarantee. The payslip makes it possible to obtain loans at even more advantageous interest rates;
  • The guarantee of a third party: with the guarantee of a third party (a parent, a friend or a relative) you can have a loan. The third guarantor must be able to act as a guarantee. The guarantor could take over as responsible instead of the applicant;
  • The pension: a guarantee that can be given instead of the pay slip, the duration and the number of the installments can change depending on the age of the person who requested the money;
  • Salary-backed salary makes it possible to apply for a loan even to those on the list of bad payers or to those who have been protested. With the transfer of the fifth, the sum of money to be returned will be withheld and deducted directly from the salary.

For any doubts about the loan, it is advisable to go directly to the branch and ask for help from a representative.

What do you need to get the € 5,000 loan?

5,000 loan

To obtain the loan, as in any other case, it is mandatory to provide:

  • An identity document;
  • The pay slip or the payslip of your pension.

The documents on the list must be provided by all the subjects so even by those who have been protested or by those on the list of bad payers. No other documents are needed since the creditor will directly take care of the remaining transactions.

How long to get the money?


Generally, if the loan request was forwarded to directly with the online form, the loan can be obtained in about 48 hours from the opening of the file. So a couple of days you will get the loan on your account.

In the event that the 5000 euro loan is requested in the branch, it will be directly the person in charge to tell the applicant what the waiting time is for obtaining the loan.

The interests

If you decide to quote the loans online, but also if you decide to make the estimate directly at the branch, you can know the interest (or TAN and APR) immediately. The TAN is the interest rate, the APR is instead the synthetic total cost of the loan.

It includes all the commissions to pay for the loan request. We recommend checking and evaluating the TAN and the APR to decide the best and most convenient loan for you.

The 5000 euro loan for protested subjects

It is not certain that the credit institutes or the banks allow the protested subjects or those who turn out to be a bad payer to obtain a loan. To find out if Findomestic allows you to obtain the loan, it is advisable to request information directly from a Findomestic branch.

An appointee will assess your financial situation and choose whether or not to grant the loan. A quick way to get a loan even if you have been protested or if you are marked as a bad payer, is to give Findomestic a salary- backed loan.

Thanks to the sale of the fifth, you can have plans to repay the sum in 10 years and even get lower interest rates than other loan guarantees.

Loan and for temporary workers


Even temporary workers have the possibility to request and even obtain a 5000 euro loan as long as they provide some additional guarantees.

It is necessary that the number of installments to be repaid to does not exceed the months of contract that remain to the worker. The other conditions for the loan for fixed-term workers are the same as those offered to those who have the solidity of a permanent contract.