10000 Euro: Opinions and Reviews

10000 Euro: Opinions and Reviews

How can you get a 10000 euro loan? What options do you choose to avoid wasting money on commissions or interest?

Let’s see it together in this guide on how to get a loan a sum to solve some small family problems or make some purchases.

10000 euros how to get it?

10000 euros

If you find yourself with the need to apply for a loan, this group allows you to have the money on your account quickly and without having to follow a complicated process. The first thing to do is request a quote .

Gives the customer the possibility to choose between different options and to request a quote either online on the website or by going to a branch to ask a representative for advice. On the site you can find various examples of quotes, but we give you a small tip.

On the web you can easily get an idea and even ask for a loan, but going to the branch allows you to carefully clarify all the doubts and to calmly choose the loan option that best suits our needs.

Allows you to request personal loans that can be repaid by choosing a variable number of installments. The calculation of the monthly installment can be done on the official website or with the person in charge. Just fill out the form online to immediately get all the information you need to understand how to pay the installments.

To know the installment to be paid, just choose the amount and the number of installments you plan to return. Thanks to the quote, you can also learn about Tan and Taeg interest rates .

The estimate can also be requested in the branch to a person in charge, it is sufficient to make an appointment via the website. Just enter the nearest branch and the chosen time.

Allows its customers to take out insurance that allows them to have guarantees on their loan in case of unforeseen circumstances. We recommend asking for information from a representative.

The necessary guarantees

For each type of loan you must provide mandatory guarantees to the institution or to the bank. These guarantees are necessary both for those who have a pay slip and for those who do not have one.

The guarantees are the same even for those who are registered in the list of bad payers or for those who have previously been protested. Here are the guarantees necessary to apply for a loan:

  • The pay slip : with the pay slip as a guarantee it is easier and faster to get a loan, the pay slip is a solid guarantee that allows you to get loans even at more advantageous interest rates;
  • The guarantee of a third party : thanks to the guarantee of a third party (ie a parent, a friend or a relative) a loan can be obtained. The guarantor could take over the place of the applicant and must be able to act as a guarantee;
  • The pension : it is a valid guarantee in place of the pay slip, in this case the duration and the number of the installments can vary according to the age of the applicant and goes according to seniority;
  • The salary assignment : it is useful to request a loan even if you are on the list of bad payers or if you have been protested. Thanks to the guarantee of the assignment of the fifth, the sum to be returned will be deducted from the salary and it will be possible to obtain favorable rates;

What do you need to get the money?


To obtain the loan with Findomestic you must provide:

  • The pay slip or the payslip of your pension;
  • An identity document;

The documents indicated in the list are obligatory by each subject or even by those who have been protested or by those who are on the list of bad payers. No need to provide other documents will take care of the remaining operations.

How much time is required?

A loan application submitted online to Findomestic can generally be obtained in about 48 hours , practically in two days you have the money available on your account.

In the event that a loan of 10,000 euros is requested in a branch, the person in charge will tell the applicant what the waiting time for the loan is.

Interest for the loan of 10,000 euros

10,000 euros

Interest rates can also be seen immediately with the online quote. The same applies to the branch request. The TAN is the interest rate while the APR is the summary total cost of the loan in which all the commission fees for the loan application are indicated.

Whether you try to get the loan online and try to take it at the branch, we always recommend checking the value of the TAN and the APR to find the most convenient ones.

The loan for protested subjects


We cannot guarantee that the credit institutes or banks also allow protested parties or those who have been marked as bad payers to still have a loan.

If you are interested in knowing if allows you to get a loan even to those who previously had problems, we recommend asking information from a representative in a branch.

In these particular cases the appointee will carefully study your financial situation and decide whether or not to grant the loan to the applicant. To obtain a loan even if you are a bad payer or if you have been protested in general, it is advisable to give the salary- backed loan as a guarantee.

With the assignment of the fifth, it is even possible to obtain plans to repay the sum in 10 years and repay the sum with lower interest rates .

Loans for temporary workers

Loans for temporary workers

It is often thought that fixed-term workers may not be able to apply for a loan, but it is sufficient that they give additional guarantees.

To obtain the loan if you are a fixed-term worker, the number of installments must not exceed the working contract months left. The other conditions and the guarantees for the loan are the same as those offered to those who have a permanent contract.